The idea for USVAP began in 1998, when Vietnam Veteran and musician Kimo Williams returned to Lai Khe, where he was stationed with the US Army 25th Combat Engineer Battalion in 1970. Originally, the purpose of that trip back to Vietnam was to complete work on his composition “Symphony for the Sons of Nam”.  This journey became the inspiration to create an organization that would provide collaborative opportunities for American and Vietnamese artists.

Since then, USVAP has sponsored traditional and contemporary concerts by performing artists, master classes and multi-media events. In 2008, USVAP re-defined its’ mission in order to include and encourage veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq to take up the cause of artistic expression. As Kimo stated about his military experience.“The first time I came to Vietnam, I brought my M-16.  The next time I came, I brought my guitar.  I liked the second trip much better than the first.” USVAP exists in the hope that other veterans can also make that “second journey”, and share their experience with the rest of us through art.

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The USVAP Artistic Tools project is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council (a state agency) and the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs.