By encouraging and supporting an aesthetic response to military service, we emphasize the unique diversity of military veterans and create a new identity for veterans as artists, altering the view of veterans as always in need of healing. Through community collaborations towards arts programming, we engage our audiences to reflect on what it means to serve in the military (historically and present day) and the unique experiences associated with that service. 


Before a presentation, Kimo speaks to students about Vietnam.
  Gary Sinise promoting a USVAP fundraiser   Carol Williams speaking to Veterans about art


American Soldier perfromance DVD with narration by Gary Sinise  

Audience supplied images of veteran family members accompanying a USVAP presentatioin and music.


J. Kimo Willimas' Quartet For The Sons of Nam
Performed 1998 in Chicago Illinois with intor commentary.



J. Kimo Williams at Vanguard High School - Concert Intro with Q&A  

J. Kimo Williams at Univ of Wisconsin talking to history class about his service in Vietnam.


J. Kimo Williams performing for the troops in Afghanistan 2009


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J. Kimo Williams at Pueblo Colorado community Center 2012 - talks about race relations and Jimi Hendrix and plays Little Wing  

J. Kimo Williams at Pueblo Colorado community Center 2012. Answering questions about how he was treated when he returned from Nam and others questions.


J. Kimo Williams at Pueblo Colorado community Center 2011, answering questions and talking (with guitar performance) about his service in Vietnam