ARTISTIC TOOLS: The broad mission of USVAP is “to increase the representation of veterans in the arts community”, and we believe that one of the best ways to do this is with our Artistic Tools Program.  This initiative, started in 2009, provides durable supplies and resources to state and federal veterans facilities, to be used within that community, along with support and guidance provided by Recreation, Music and Art Therapists at those centers. By making these items available (musical instruments, photography equipment, painting, graphics and ceramics supplies, as well as many other art resources), we believe that we are bringing visibility to the power of art.

“Your generous donation will be used at the Jesse Brown VA for years to come with many of our inpatient and outpatient veterans—depending on the case, possibly even with their families.  Many of our veterans feel as if music does not belong to them because they are not a ‘singer’ or a ‘musician’.  Tools like these help us foster in our veterans the ability to make music for therapeutic reasons, personal peace, and a sense of purpose, rather than avoiding music-making because they think music only exists to entertain others.  Thank you so much for helping our veterans see that music is for EVERYONE, and how accessible it can be!”  (Kristen Bouwman, Music Therapist, Jesse Brown VA, Chicago, IL)

"Your commitment to serving Veterans and increasing the quality of their lives was reinvigorating to me.” (Volunteer Services Specialist at the Black Hills VA, Fort Meade, South Dakota)

"As a therapist, I was able to watch how these vets opened up to the public. They talked about their work and the military. They really connected in so many ways ...just amazing.” (Donna Gerron, Recreation Therapist at the Ft. Worth Out-Patient Clinic, referring to a USVAP-sponsored booth at the Kennington Art Fair)


Tools recipient Erica Gabor talks art and PTSD
  Testimonial from Denver, CO, VA 2012   Percussion Tools, AZ State Vet. Home 2012



Joel Talks about his amputation and USVAP.
  Artistic Tools Presented to Shane Parsons   Artistic Tool (Piano) used by inpatient Veteran

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