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Columbia  College  Associate  Professor  James  “Kimo”  Williams  Honored  as  2015   Purpose  Prize  Fellow,  Recognizing  Social  Innovators  Over  60  

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San  Francisco,  CA.  On  November  13,  will  honor  the  achievements  of  more  than  50   outstanding  individuals  working  to  improve  local  communities  and  the  world,  via  The  Purpose  Prize®,  a   program  of,  a  national  nonprofit  that  is  building  a  movement  to  tap  the  experience  of  people   in  midlife  and  beyond  who  are  using  their  encore  years  –  the  time  of  traditional  retirement  –  to   undertake  powerful  social-­‐impact  projects.  

Six  winners  of  the  Purpose  Prize  will  be  joined  by  a  cohort  of  41  Purpose  Prize  fellows  who  were   selected  from  a  pool  of  more  than  600  nominees  in  recognition  of  their  innovative  social-­‐impact   contributions.  Their  examples  shine  as  models  for  millions  of  Americans  who  believe  they  can  use  their   life  experience  to  make  a  difference.  The  2015  Purpose  Prize  marks  a  decade  of  ground-­‐breaking   innovation  that  challenges  outdated  thinking  about  the  contributions  of  experienced  adults.  

I  live  by  my  core-­‐value  that  I  define  as  “One’s  personal  philosophy  that  serves  as  the  infrastructure  for   building  actionable  behavior  for  developing  measurable  objectives,  decision-­‐making,  over-­‐coming   adversities,  and  in  a  broader  sense  determining  how  one  functions  as  a  citizen  of  humanity.”  –  Kimo   Williams  


Now  in  its  10th  year,  The  Purpose  Prize  is  the  nation’s  only  large-­‐scale  investment  in  people  over  the  age   of  60  who  combine  their  life  skills  and  talents  for  the  social  good.  First  awarded  in  2006  by   (then  called  Civic  Ventures),  the  Prize  aims  to  recognize  social  innovators  with  the  drive  to  tackle  some   of  society’s  most  pressing  challenges  –  and  the  wisdom  to  know  how  to  do  it.  Their  work  showcases  the   enormous,  and  too-­‐often  overlooked,  value  of  experience.    

“When  we  launched  The  Purpose  Prize  in  2006,  the  idea  that  people  in  their  60s  and  70s  (and  beyond)   were  every  bit  as  innovative  as  those  in  their  20s  and  30s  was  blasphemy.  And  the  notion  that  they  were   every  bit  as  committed  to  solving  society’s  biggest  challenges  was  not  even  considered  seriously.  Ten   years  –  and  more  than  500  Purpose  Prize  winners  and  fellows  later  –  it’s  an  indisputable  truth,”  said  founder  and  CEO  Marc  Freedman.  “We  can't  wait  to  see  what  these  creative,  passionate   innovators  will  do  next.”  

 “The  2015  Purpose  Prize  honorees  have  applied  their  significant  talents  to  address  social  injustice,   human  rights,  health,  education  and  economic  empowerment,  at  home  and  abroad,”  said  Purpose  Prize   director  Eunice  Nichols.  “Each  person  we  honor  today  is  doing  the  most  important  work  of  their  lives,   achieving  substantial  social  impact  while  finding  personal  fulfillment  in  the  process.”  

Twenty-­‐six  jurors  –  leaders  in  business,  politics,  media  and  the  nonprofit  sector  –  chose  the  Purpose   Prize  honorees  from  a  pool  more  than  600  nominees.  Jurors  include  Sherry  Lansing,  former  CEO  of   Paramount;  Michael  D.  Eisner,  former  CEO  of  The  Walt  Disney  Company  and  co-­‐founder  of  The  Eisner   Foundation;  Arianna  Huffington,  founder  of  the  Huffington  Post;  Jo  Ann  Jenkins,  CEO  of  AARP;  Eric  Liu,   author  and  founder  of  Citizen  University;  and  Sree  Sreenivasan,  Chief  Digital  Officer  for  the   Metropolitan  Museum  of  Art.  

The  2015  Purpose  Prize  winners  and  fellows  will  be  joined  by  dozens  of  previous  Purpose  Prize  honorees   at  a  celebration  on  February  10,  2016,  at  the  SF  Jazz  Center  in  San  Francisco.  The  evening  will  mark  a   decade  of  Purpose  Prize  achievements  and  include  a  multimedia  tribute  to  the  honorees  and  their  work.    

Emmy-­‐award-­‐winning  journalist  Jane  Pauley  and  2013  Purpose  Prize  winner  and  anchorwoman  Ysabel   Duron  will  host  the  evening’s  festivities,  which  will  include  hundreds  of  encore  movement  leaders  and   Purpose  Prize  honorees,  as  well  as  a  piano  performance  by  Justin  Kauflin,  whose  remarkable   relationship  with  jazz  legend  Clark  Terry  is  featured  in  the  documentary  Keep  on  Keepin’  On.  

The  Purpose  Prize  was  created  by  with  major  investments  from  The  Atlantic  Philanthropies   and  the  John  Templeton  Foundation.    

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About  The  Atlantic  Philanthropies.  The  Atlantic  Philanthropies  (  is   dedicated  to  advancing  opportunity,  equity  and  human  dignity.  Established  in  1982,  when  Chuck  Feeney   quietly  committed  virtually  all  of  his  assets  to  the  foundation,  Atlantic  has  since  made  grants   approaching  $8  billion.  In  keeping  with  Mr.  Feeney’s  “Giving  While  Living,”  big-­‐bet  philosophy,  Atlantic   invests  in  systemic  change  to  accelerate  improvements  in  the  lives  of  disadvantaged  and  vulnerable   people.  The  foundation,  which  has  operated  in  Australia,  Bermuda,  Cuba,  Northern  Ireland,  the  Republic   of  Ireland,  South  Africa,  the  United  States  and  Viet  Nam,  will  complete  all  grant  making  in  2016  and   conclude  operations  shortly  afterward.  

About  the  John  Templeton  Foundation.  The  John  Templeton  Foundation  (  serves  as   a  philanthropic  catalyst  for  discoveries  relating  to  the  Big  Question  of  human  purpose  and  ultimate   reality.  The  Foundation  supports  research  on  subjects  ranging  from  complexity,  evolution  and  infinity  to   creativity,  forgiveness,  love  and  free  will.  It  encourages  civil,  informed  dialogue  among  scientists,   philosophers  and  theologians  and  between  such  experts  and  the  public  at  large,  for  the  purpose  of   definitional  clarity  and  new  insights.  

About  is  a  national  nonprofit  that  is  building  a  movement  to  tap  the  skills  and   experience  of  those  in  midlife  and  beyond  to  improve  communities  and  the  world.  The  Purpose  Prize  is  a   program  of  

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