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Kimo Williams and Kimotion, formerly known as The Paumalu Symphony was formed in 1975 while Kimo was a student at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Kimo formed his own Symphonic-BigBand-Rock ensemble to express his eclectic compositional concepts for large ensemble. These concepts involved his own unique harmonic technique called Diagonal Harmony.

Over the years Kimo Williams and Kimotion has featured many of the country's leading instrumentalist includingVinnie Colaiuta ( Sting, Herbie Hancok, Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa and more),Tim Landers (former bass player with Billy Cobham and others) , Richard Gibbs, film composer and former member of Oinko Boinko.


Mike Stern (former guitarist with Miles Davis and Blood Sweat and Tears), Victor Bailey, (former bassist for Weather Report and Madonna), Jamie Glaser (former guitarist for Jean Luc Ponty and many more who have gone on to great success.

Current members of Kimo Williams and Kimotion having included musicians from LA, to Chicago, to New York.

Kimo Williams and Kimotion includes four trumpets, four trombones, five saxes, two guitars, keyboards, percussion, bass, drums , two violins viola and cello. The music is high energy combining rock with jazz and all places in-between.

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