Little Beck Music


A Streetcar Named Desire
Music from the 1997 Theatrical production

In April 1997 the Steppenwolf Theatre Company mounted a
production of this Tennessee Williams' play.

Kimo Williams was contracted to compose original music.

The Director Terry Kinney wanted something more than incidental music
He wanted to really make the music an important part of the production.

Kimo Williams composed music that went beyond what was ever done
before with any other production of this play (to include movie releases).
The utter raw excitement of the 40's type Dixieland jazz brought even the
visual critics to respond positively about the uniqueness of the score.

The Reviews

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Swagging With Stanley

Blanches' Mood Swings

A Tear for Stella

Streetcar Stomp

The Four Deuces


Performed by members of KIMOTION

Mat Lewis - Trumpet
Ben Lewis - Piano
Rick Vitek - Drums
Paul Martins - Acoustic Bass
Bob Frankish - Clarinet
Audrey Morrison - Trombone
Curt Morrison - Banjo