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Symphony For The Sons of Nam      



"the opening passage is a stirring one ", "with a touch of American Jazz,
folk melodies, country music and asiactic themes,
basically seems that you caught all of them"

Studs Terkle

"the score has an appealing

The Chicago Tribune

"A gifted melodist with great ideas
and a clear sense of what works and what does'nt---
His Symphony has abundant popular appeal"

The Detroit Free Press

"The composer has a superb
ear for instrumental color and orchestration"

American Record Guide

"tuneful music with lots of popular appeal

St Petersburg Times

"immediately accessible"

The Chicago SunTimes

"Williams' classical training and rock music
experience are evident in his effective use of rhythm,
percussion and instrumental color"

The Lincoln Journal

"impressive talent at work"

The Sacramento Bee

"hansomely balanced and lovely to hear---
the crowd liked it"

The Lincoln Star

"he has a unique gift for composing
a modern work that audiences crave
to hear again and again"

The Chicago Defender

"has a lack of pretension
that sustains interest"

Buffalo News

"His use of the orchestra showed
a palate of extrordinary colors"

Northwest Arkansas Times

"His powerful Symphony
bristles with bold rhythmic vitality and
his treatment of themes seems to reflect
influences ranging from native
American song to Leonard Bernstein".

The Atlanta Journal

"Williams' orchestration is lavish
and his style cinematic. The result is alluring
The writing for unusal instruments
often produces dramatic,dynamic music.
This is vivid, vital music"

The Delaware News Journal