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Symphony For The Sons of Nam      

Composers Notes

Remembering the past can provide images that a composer can best express through music.

With Symphony For the Sons of Nam, I have formed musical interpretations which reflect my experience as a soldier in Viet Nam.

Initially written for string quartet, Symphony For the Sons of Nam was expanded to full orchestra in 1992.

The score is broken down into four chapters with individual "events" representing snapshots of my most vivid images from the war.

In 1986, after marching in the "Chicago Welcome Home Parade" for Viet Nam Veterans, I felt a desire to finally confront the emotions from my own time in Viet Nam.

Symphony For the Sons of Nam, along with other compositions, is a musical recollection of memories from my service in Viet Nam and represents my personal catharsis.

Events leading to my arrival in Viet Nam in 1970 and my departure eleven months later are represented here as Chapters 1 and 2. Chapters 3 and 4 are yet to be completed.