Applied Music Theory Errata Page

183   Figure Identification Click
184-187   Wrong Charts  

Click Chart 1

Click Chart 2 

214   Lesson 7 Answers, B Visual Practice Piano key name marked incorrectly-The "D" answer should be "C" ClickT The "D" answer should be "C"
215   Lesson 8, B Visual Practice-1, Number 8. Missing Accidental Click d2 (3rd line) should have a flat next to it.
34   Fig 3.17, time signature definition reversed Click
216   Lesson 8,B Visual Practice-6, Number 16   Augmented Prime or unison
215   Lesson 8, B Visual Practice-3, Number 4. Should be up instead of down. Click Instead of  C sharp 3" the second note should be "b3".
 218    Song List : Song "Complicated"    Form should be "I V S C"